Application Process

Our goal at AAI is to place with families within 18 months of Full Acceptance. The number of Inquiries and subsequent Applications we approve depends on the current activity and needs of the agency. Families who are very flexible with their adoption preferences are likely to move through the process more quickly than families with minimal flexibility.

  1. Request and review an Information Packet from AAI: Click here to fill out the request form.
  2. Receipt/Review of Inquiry ($50 non-refundable fee): Inquiries are accepted year-round as a first step in the adoption process with AAI. The agency reviews Inquiries to assess if the preferences of the adoptive parents align with the needs of the agency and contacts them within 10 days of receipt to talk about next steps. There will be a link to the inquiry form in your Information Packet.
  3. Application ($300 non-refundable fee): If your Inquiry is approved, you will be invited to submit a full Application. Approval of your Application (Conditional Acceptance) will be based on the information you provide, as well as an interview. Applications are reviewed bi-monthly (every other month), with e-mail notifications approving or denying the Application at the end of each bi-monthly cycle.
  4. Interview (Can be completed any time during the application process): AAI feels it is important to meet with all prospective families face to face. The relationship between clients and the agency needs to be based on trust and a commitment to a collaborative working relationship. The interview allows the agency to get to know the potential families, how they are approaching adoption and their adoption preparedness. The interview enables families to meet the staff, find out more about our process, and have any of their questions answered. For out of state families, this interview can be completed by phone after you have attended the training.
  5. Adoptive Parent Training (Can be completed at any time during the application process): Training is required by the State of Texas for any family adopting through a licensed agency. AAI offers our weekend training four times per year for free. This training educates potential families on the adoption process, open adoption, and raising an adopted child. We include a panel of birth parents and adoptive parents so you can hear the experiences of past clients. This weekend will answer your questions about adoption; prepare you for the challenges of the adoption process and allow you to network with other potential adoptive families. All of our families, including those who are out of state, must attend this training.
  6. Conditional Acceptance: Conditional acceptance is based on your approved Application and completed interview. E-mails will be sent out notifying families of their status at the end of the bi-monthly period. The agency deposit is due within 10 days of receipt of your approval e-mail.
  7. Full Acceptance: Full acceptance will be granted upon approval of Application, attendance of AAI training, an approved Pre-Adoptive Home Screening/Home Study, and receipt of all supporting documentation including the Adoptive Parent Profile. Once a family receives full acceptance, they will be ready to be shown to birth parents!

Matching to a Birthparent

Once a family has received full acceptance their profile will be presented to birth parents whose situations match the adoptive family’s areas of openness and flexibility. Birth parents review profiles and determine which families they would like to consider as prospective adoptive parents. When a family is selected by a birth parent the agency will contact the adoptive parents to review the birth parent’s case history and set up a phone call with birth parent(s). Once a family commits to a case after having been presented with a birth parent profile, available medical records, and a written case assessment from the Adoption Services Coordinator, they will then proceed to have phone calls and visits when feasible, occur throughout the pregnancy. During the pregnancy the adoptive family will receive a cooperative agreement outlining the type of contact the birth parent(s) would like during labor and delivery and after delivery during the hospital stay. It also describes the relationship the birth parents and adoptive parents would like to have after the baby is placed with the adoptive parents.


After the birth parent(s) have signed relinquishment documents (no sooner than 48 hours after the birth of the baby), the adoptive placement paperwork will be done with the adoptive parents. Adoptive families are generally permitted to take the baby home from the hospital. Finalization occurs 6-12 months after placement.