As part of the adoption process, you will be required to have a Pre-Adoptive Home Screening (Home Study). 

If you live outside of Texas, you must usually have your Pre-Adoptive Home Screening done by a licensed agency in your state.  Some states, such as New York, allow licensed social workers (not affiliated with an agency) to do these studies.

Please contact us before you arrange for a Pre-Adoptive Home Screening so that we can let you know what our state requires.  Since we are licensed in Texas, you must not only meet your state’s requirements, but Texas’ as well.

If you have already had a Pre-Adoptive Home Screening done at this point, the study may have to be supplemented so that it meets state requirements.  This is usually just a matter of contacting the social worker who did the original study and having him or her provide us with an addendum covering issues not included in the original study.

If a child has not been placed with the adoptive applicants within one year from the time the Pre-Adoptive Home Screening is completed, the adoptive home screening needs to be brought up-to-date before a placement can be made.

Updated information must include:

1.    At least one visit to the home when all household members are present

2.    A review of each area of the original Pre-Adoptive Home Screening, noting changes


Click here to download the Home Study Checklist (PDF)