Would You Like to Learn More?

Training seminars answer lots of questions about the adoption process and allow you to get to know us better.

These meetings include a panel of birth mothers and adoptive parents in order to broaden your understanding of the various lifelong issues of the different types of adoption.

Our next seminar is scheduled for September 30-October 1, 2017. E-mail info@adoptionadvocates.net to get more information and to RSVP!

Quotes From Past Seminar Attendees:

“Wow! We were blown away! We arrived in Texas nervous, unsure of how we felt about Open Adoption, and wondering if it was the best fit for us. By the time we boarded the plane home, we were two truly changed people. The training was extraordinary! I can’t tell you how good it felt to talk in such a supportive environment. We were able to let down our guard and share our deepest fears without judgment. Some of the highlights for us…. We loved that we met every member of “Team Adoption Advocates.” It was a comfort to meet the people who we are working so closely with. We appreciated hearing all of your advice on how to speak with our families, how to answer unwanted questions from strangers and how to speak with our child about adoption. We ordered books from your suggested reading list and joined a support group based on your recommendations. We are so grateful you created a network of support consisting of all the families who attended the training! Long after we left the training we are still in contact with the families who are in our same situation. You have doubled our support system! Thank you for providing samples of Dear Birth mother letters and picture books! For both of us, the most powerful part of the weekend was listening to the birth mothers. Listening to each story and hearing the path these women have traveled helped me understand just how important it truly is to let go of any fear and embrace the open adoption experience. Thank you for everything!”

“If you’re thinking about adoption take this course… it will give you a different perspective.”

“Truly a turning point for us. Changed my perspective on open adoption.”

“We already have a 7 year-old adopted son, and this is by far the most beneficial training we’ve received to date. Thank you so much for offering this.”

“Priceless – even though it was free.”

“Powerful – a Godsend.”

“You will get answers to questions you didn’t know you had. Fantastic! Exceeded all expectations! A must for anyone considering or curious about adoption.”

“I was completely blown away by the seminar. It is very informative, healing, and practical at the same time.”

“Thank you so much for organizing and delivering such an informative and eye-opening seminar. I learned so much over the day and a half and truly appreciate the opportunity to hear from birth mothers and families who have adopted.”

“The seminar helped us to feel safe pursuing adoption; it was so great to be in a room filled with people who understood our struggles. We feel so much more comfortable to open adoption now! Thank you so much!”