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Guest post from adoptive parent and author of Brown Babies, Pink Parents, Amy Ford. I remember getting the call. You know the one. The call to say there is a child for you. I received my call at work, sitting at my desk with a client on an ordinary day. I picked up line one […]

“Could I actually be considering this?” “I’ll just call to get information.” “What will they think of me?” “Am I too far along to start this process?” These are some of the questions that may run through an expectant parent’s mind prior to taking the leap of faith that is contacting an adoption agency for […]

To myself, I’m the activist. I work on campaigns, traveling around the country, telling my “personal story.” That’s what we call it. In Texas, I tell my story in the assembly room of a plumbers’ and pipefitters’ union hall. I talk to those assembled about the people who adopted my daughter. They are caring parents, […]

We all fall down

A panel of birth mothers recently shared how their views of themselves changed after placement. This is Amber’s story. There’s a stigma that people put on women when we have placed a child. When I’m asked how many children do I have, there is always the uncomfortable hesitation…..a pause… do I answer this? My brain races […]