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Every adoptive parent has typically experienced that one comment from someone…  the “Do you love them as much as you love your biological child?”  It can drive you mad or you can have compassion.  These individuals have little exposure to adoption and simply need to be lovingly reminded of a very basic principle:  all “families” […]

We loved this blog post from 2014. It focuses on some important principles that many adoptive parents can often overthink and try to white knuckle, like allowing relationship to grow organically between adoptive and birth families.  We’ve seen 25 years of open adoptions and so many beautiful stories and relationships often evolve from this unfamiliar […]

Same-Sex Couples Among Utah’s Newest Foster Parents Before the legalization of same-sex marriage, these couples were not allowed into the foster care placement program. Utah law stated that people in relationships that were not “legally valid” were prohibited from fostering, adopting or providing kinship care to children in state custody. U.S District Court Judge Robert […]