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A small child sitting on the beach

The long, hot days of summer are approaching. Safeguard yourself and your kids from harmful rays by practicing proper sun protection when outdoors. Sun Safety 101 Avoid being out during the hottest times of the day. Extended outdoor activities are best planned for early morning or evening, when the sunlight is less direct. Try to stay in the […]

Anti-Equality Legislators in Texas are desperately trying to resurrect bills

Anti-Equality Legislators in Texas Desperately Trying to Resurrect Bills Last week, the Texas Legislature passed a deadline as anti-LGBT bills died in their current form. But the legislative session isn’t over quite yet. Anti-equality lawmakers are desperately trying to resurrect their discriminatory proposals in the final days of session by attempting to include them in […]

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting to spend time with your family and loved ones. But what happens when you have to choose between family members? How can you possibly decide? This is exactly what one birth mother was forced to do. I have heard many times that the bond between […]

Spring has sprung! It’s time to pick fresh flowers, enjoy warm weather and… engage in spring cleaning. Windows need washing, carpets need vacuuming and yards need mowing. Make spring cleaning enjoyable by getting the whole family involved. It can take a little convincing to get kids excited, but these fun cleaning activities should do the […]

Meet the Lim family: David, Jo, Madi, and their newest member, Chase, who was adopted last year. While the Lims were waiting during the adoption process, various thoughts and questions swirled through their heads. Madi, the big sister, was super curious about her new brother or sister and wanted to be able to help take […]