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“You’re adopting?” or “You’re giving up your baby for adoption?” may seem like an innocent question from the outside. Unfortunately, these inquiries are often delivered with a negative undertone that can make birth parents and adoptive parents feel defensive and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are some things both types of parents can do to avoid the negativity often […]

Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family and give a child a happy home. Adopted children have two sets of parents: their birth parents and their adoptive parents. An open adoption provides a way for children to know their origins. What is an open adoption? In an open adoption, both the adoptive parents […]

Post contributed by Lilly, adoptive mom and author of Pancakes and Beet Juice As we welcomed home our daughter through the help of Adoption Advocates over Christmas of last year, our home was flooded with wonderful gestures of kindness – from food, precious keepsakes and all of the necessities that an adoptive family who was […]

Yesterday I found myself explaining Birth Mother’s Day to the newest member of the Adoption Advocates birth parent family. I started by informing her that this Saturday is Birth Mother’s Day. I was met with a blank stare. She seemed confused by the concept and as I began to explain it, I realized that my […]

Today’s post is from Kathie Otte, who received her B.A. in Child Development from Connecticut College and her Master of Social Work from the University of Houston.  She has been involved in the infertility and adoption field since 1980.  As a result of her own personal experience with infertility and adoption, Kathie started her business as […]

Three Primary Goals of Expectant Parent Counseling During the Pregnancy A Three Part Series: Informed Decision Making, Adoption Education, and Grief Preparation Part Three: Grief Preparation Placing a child for adoption may be the most difficult thing a birth parent ever does. It is important for expectant parents to understand this from their initial visit […]