Katie & Chris

We would love to meet you! We are a fun, loving, and adventurous family of three and dream of expanding our family through adoption. Becoming parents has been the most rewarding and transforming experience of our lives. We put family first and have breakfast and dinner together every day. We love being parents and want to do it again.

Who We Are

More About Katie

When I grew up I wanted to be a  teacher, like my mom.

I am really good at making fancy (and delicious) cakes.

I am terrible at guessing the name of a song that comes on the radio. You do not want me on your team for Name that Tune!

My favorite quote is:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.’ – Walt Disney

My most embarrassing moment as a parent has been:

Changing a really dirty diaper on the floor of an airplane – the bathroom was occupied, and well, it really needed to be changed!

More About Chris

When I grew up I wanted to be a  an engineer, like my dad.

I am really good at working with teams.

I am terrible at cooking…Good thing Katie can cook!

My favorite quote is:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Theodore Roosevelt

My most embarrassing moment as a parent has been:

That time when my son and I went to breakfast at Juan in a Million and we had to leave because he vomited all over the tacos.

We can't wait to..



Play... Hungry Hungry Hippos Crazy 8’s
Read... Bedtime stories Anything by Dr. Seuss
Eat... Ice cream Pizza, pancakes, and biscuits
Travel to... Disney World and see where Katie worked See snow and go skiing
Celebrate... Mardi Gras – New Orleans style Birthdays – I love birthdays!
Teach him or her how to... Make cookies Play soccer
Cheer on the... LSU Tigers Texas Longhorns
Swim... In the ocean In Grandma and Grandpa’s pool with cousins
Build... Sand castles Legos
Explore... New playgrounds New adventures every weekend

More About Our Life

Other Children

We have a four year old son who is so excited to be a big brother. He wants to teach the baby how to walk and read. He says that only God knows when he will get a brother or sister, but he is going to help the baby sleep, Mommy will feed the baby, and Daddy will get to change the diapers.

Our Home

Our home is on a cul-de-sac in central Austin and is the gathering point for family and friends. You can always find neighborhood kids riding scooters and playing ball at our house. Our home is also the place to go for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, and a Mardi Gras party. The more the merrier!


We love hosting parties, hiking adventures, watching football and exploring Austin, but our real passion is traveling to new places. We thought that having children would change this, but it only made us enjoy traveling more. On trips, we find the local children’s museum, eat at a casual restaurant, and play in parks.

Our Extended Family

Fun, big, and welcoming are three words to describe our family! There are a lot of us, and we love to get together. Good thing we like to travel because they are all over the U.S. from California to Florida. Not only do we get to see our family, but also it’s an excuse to go on many adventures.

Where to Find Us on a Saturday

It’s a toss up between tacos or pancakes for breakfast. We may hike the greenbelt, play on a new playground, or spend the day at the soccer fields. In the afternoon, you can find us exploring Austin events like the Kite Festival or Touch-a-Truck. After a fun filled day, we will grill dinner and enjoy a relaxing evening at home.

Interested in learning more about this family? Call 800-966-HOPE today!