Open adoption is a type of adoption where a pregnant woman, who decides to place her baby for adoption, is able to choose the adoptive family who will raise her baby. She and the baby’s biological father are then given the option to stay in their child’s life by forming a unique and loving relationship with the baby and the family who adopted him or her.

There are varying degrees of “openness” in an adoption plan.

The important thing to know is that every adoption is different and participants in an adoption plan have different needs and interests. Adoption Advocates will work with you to achieve a plan that best meets the needs of both the birth parents and the adoptive parents.

Our agency advocates open adoption because:

  1. Open adoption is in the best interests of birthparents, children, and adoptive parents
  2. Research clearly teaches us that the more open an adoption is the better it is for all members of the adoption triad
  3. Open adoption reflects “best practices” in adoption as supported by a growing body of research

Extensive studies have shown that open adoptions are not only the healthiest kind of adoption for the child, but also bring the most comfort and peace of mind to the brave women and men who place their baby with an adoptive family.