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“My son will grow up knowing who I am and understanding the sacrifices I made for him. He will also be in contact with me throughout his life, as I have a very open adoption with his family.”

“After meeting our birthmother, going through the adoption process and more than two years later, I can honestly say that open adoption is so different that we expected and so much better!! It is a gift to all of us involved in our daughter’s life.”

“I held the baby the whole time I signed the papers. She was looking up at me, and I felt like her eyes were asking me why I was giving her up. When I finished, I looked down at her and I told her, “Because I love you.”

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is a type of adoption where a pregnant woman who decides to place her baby for adoption is able to choose the adoptive family who will raise her baby. She and the birth father are then given the option to stay in their child’s life by forming a unique and loving relationship with the baby and the family who adopted him or her.

There are varying degrees of “openness” in an open adoption plan. The important thing to know is that no two adoptions are exactly alike. Participants in an adoption plan have different needs and interests, and Adoption Advocates will work with you to achieve a plan that best meets everyone’s needs.

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