Guest Post: A Birth Father’s Memory

Father’s Day is here, and we thought we’d commemorate it this year with something extra special. We asked one of our birth fathers to share his memories about the birth of his daughter on his first Father’s Day. The result? Beautiful.

“When Erin asked me to write something for this blog on Father’s Day, I was flattered, but apprehensive. This is my first Father’s Day since the birth of my daughter (Abby). I am not sure what this day means to me or how to celebrate it. Even now as I am writing this, I have butterflies in my belly.

When I think about being a Father, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the months before Abby was born: The bond that grew between the three of us, especially with Abby. I remember putting my ear to Sarah’s belly and immediately being kicked in the face as I beat boxed to lil’ Abby; Singing Bone Thugs N’ Harmony to her every morning and lullabying her to sleep every night; The panic of false labor and the anxiety of the real thing.

That day, the day Abby came into the world was a blur.  It was an emotional roller coaster that started at 4am. I tried and hoped I supported Sarah the best I could. Thank God she was by my side. When the time came, Abby burst into this world, eyes wide open, screaming like a banshee, only pausing when she heard me call her name: “It’s okay, Abby.”

After measurements and a quick wipe down, the nurse asked me if I would roll her to the Nursery. As we crossed the sky-way, the sun’s rays shined in and upon her for the first time. I said, “Look Abby, your first sunrise.”

Those first memories will always be with him, and we know he’ll be sharing them with Abby some day. We’re so grateful he was willing to share this story.

Birth father or adoptive father, first Father’s Day or 25th, we’re grateful for all of the loving fathers we’ve had the privilege of getting to know at AAI. Have a very happy Father’s Day!

*Names changed for confidentiality

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