Getting the Support You Need as a Birth Parent During the Adoption Process

The decision to place your child for adoption is not made easily. A lot of emotions and questions are involved throughout and it is important to have someone to rely on. There are multiple sources of support to which you can turn during the adoption process.

Your Adoption Agency

Your adoption agency can provide a wealth of resources for prospective birth mothers. These include:

  • Counseling in a number of settings, including individual, group and family sessions
  • Support groups and the ability to meet other women who are going through similar situations
  • Assistance putting together an adoption plan that includes your hospital plan and your desired communication schedule after the child is placed
  • Financial assistance to help cover medical and living expenses and lower your stress level
  • Continued support after your child is placed for adoption

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The Adoptive Family

With an open adoption, you are able to select the adoptive family for your child. During your pregnancy, you can get to know them and understand what your child’s life will be like. Being familiar with the type of home and family your child will belong to can help you feel comfortable in your decision. Additionally, the adoptive family can be supportive during the adoption process as well. You are giving the gift of life and your choice is met by gratitude, support and respect by the adoptive family.

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Your Friends and Family

Sometimes, the people you want emotional support from the most will be those who find your decision the most difficult to understand. If your friends and family have concerns about your choice to place your child for adoption, try to listen. You may find that their opposition is due to a lack of information or a false idea about what open adoption truly means. In most cases, the people closest to you are likely just worried about how hard this will be on you. You can encourage your family and friends to take part in support groups or counseling sessions to truly understand what the adoption process is about. For some people, this is enough to turn their views around, but other individuals will still allow their preconceived notions to sway their opinions. In these cases, you may need to make the decision to distance yourself from them as the relationship may become toxic. Counseling sessions and support groups can help you through these times.

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For additional information on ways you can receive the support you need during the adoption process, contact the team at Adoption Advocates today.

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