Thanksgiving: having gratitude in an open adoption…

Before I became a parent, there were many holiday traditions I envisioned having with my future children. Expressions of gratitude at Thanksgiving is something I definitely wanted to be on the list.  Now that I’m an adoptive parent to twin 4 year olds, I am enjoying tailoring the traditions I want to create for my children around the fact that we have a very loving, open adoption and a sweet relationship with their birth mother and her two oldest daughters.

For example, involving the children in Thanksgiving day activities and meal preparation is something that gets more feasible each year of their growth.  This year, now that they understand what it is to be “thankful” for something, we will be adding a “thankful turkey” craft.  If prompting is needed, we will definitely use that as a time to discuss why we are so thankful for their birth family and the fact that we get to be the lucky forever family that they were entrusted with at birth.

Here are some links of kid crafts to do at Thanksgiving that give perfect opportunities to express gratitude around their adoption.

– Jenny L, Austin, TX adoptive mother

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