Gloria & Paul

Thanks for taking a look at our profile. We’re a happy family with two kids, also adopted, and a great network of friends and family here in Austin. We make a great team: vision matched with execution, wisdom with excitement. We met and were married in Austin, and those roots keep getting deeper. We’re very lucky, and very thankful for what we have.

Who We Are

More About Gloria

When I grew up I wanted to be a Mom, but with people babies, not stuffed penguin babies.

I am really good at organizing events and logistics.

I am terrible at telling jokes.

My most embarrassing moment as a parent was when:

Robert, age 18 months, lifting up someone’s shirt in HEB to see their belly button.

I realized I was no longer cool when I actually have never been cool, so this probably occurred during middle school.

More About Paul

When I grew up I wanted to be a scientist.

I am really good at taking care of people.

I am terrible at going to bed at a reasonable hour.

My most embarrassing moment as a parent was when:

Gloria asked for ten minutes to make a call, and when she returned there was milk everywhere and Becca had corn up her nose.

I realized I was no longer cool when my little brother already knew all the music I tried to introduce him to.

We can’t wait to…



Play… Candy Land Legos
Read… Goodnight Moon The Tall Book of Make Believe
Eat… Chips and creamy jalapeno ranch at Chuy’s Indian food
Travel to… International locations when they’re big enough to appreciate it The family home in Vermont
Visit… ACL with big ear-protecting headphones The Town Lake trail
Celebrate… Flag holidays Thanksgiving
Teach him or her how to… Be kind Unplug and take a walk
Watch… Silly YouTube clips The rain from our front porch
Bake… Banana bread Apple pie
Make… Halloween costumes Preschool snacks

More About Our Life

Other Children

We have two children now, Robert (4) and Becca (2). They were also adopted, so that will be something all our kids have in common. We’re very close with one birth family, less so with the other, so we understand that there’s a range of comfort levels and we’re supportive of that.

Our Home

We built our own home in central Austin. It’s a place for kids and family, and we frequently have out-of-town guests staying with us. We love to cook and entertain, to share what we have and make everyone feel welcome.

Parenting Philosophy

Our parenting style is relaxed and happy. Family time is important to us, and so is education. We can’t control everything, but we can give the kids a loving and supportive environment, consistency and stability, and the confidence that everything will be all right.

Our Extended Family

Gloria’s mom was the sixth of nine kids. Her extended family is so big that Paul may never meet them all, but she has a large close-knit group that we see often. Paul’s entire extended family is smaller than Gloria’s Christmas dinner crowd, but that means we can all sit around the same table at the annual reunions.

How We Met

It’s a long story, but it starts at a chocolate party hosted by a mutual friend. Gloria, the people person, walked in like she owned the place. We had been dating for some time before Paul learned that in fact Gloria was not old friends with the host, and had actually only met him once before.

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