Becca & Pradip

Thank you for considering our profile! We are a happy family that thrives on love, support, and everyday experiences. We try our best to keep a good balance: family dinners and potlucks with friends; interstate travel and putting down roots in our community; exploring children’s books and exploring nature; laughing with friends and family, and having time to reflect and play on our own. We love being parents, and we would love to welcome your child into our lives and do it all again.

Who We Are

More About Becca

When I grew up I wanted to be a teacher and a mom.

I am really good at making empanadas.

I am terrible at getting anywhere new without that little blue dot on my phone.

My best mom joke is:

Which side of a V of birds is longer?

The one with more birds in it.

I realized I was no longer cool when I asked my sister, who is 6 years younger than I am, for fashion advice…when she was in elementary school.

More About Pradip

When I grew up I wanted to be a dinosaur scientist.

I am really good at telling bedtime stories.

I am terrible at making empanadas.

My favorite dad joke is:

What does a manatee’s doorbell sound like?


I realized I was no longer cool when at age 2, my son started rolling his eyes at my jokes.

We can’t wait to…



Play… Hide and seek Lazer Tag
Read… The Berenstain Bears Fox in Socks
Eat… Fruit and lots and lots of cheese Veggies and fudge brownies
Travel to… Kenya and India Big Bend
Visit… Zilker Park and ride the train Kids’ wall at Austin Bouldering Project
Celebrate… Christmas Halloween
Teach… Swim and kayak Make the perfect omelette
Watch… Plays at the Scottish Rite Theater Blue Planet nature series
Bake… Banana bread Empanadas?
Make… Our own storybooks A homemade rocket ship

More About Our Life

Other Children

Our son is a cheerful, funny, and kind 4-year-old, who loves to read, play imaginative games with friends, and ride anything with wheels. He can’t wait to be a big brother so that he and his little sibling can “play music together, ride in the bike trailer together, and build castles with blocks.”

Parenting Philosophy

We believe in encouraging kindness. We set realistic goals, and give our children support, responsibility, and the freedom to be themselves. Children learn by doing, so we try to give our kids as many fun, new experiences as we can, to help them grow and discover things about the world and about themselves.

Our Home and Neighborhood

Our home is a welcoming place, often filled with friends and their kids. We love to cook and host dinners while our son and his friends tear up our playroom. Outside of the house, you’ll find us playing in the backyard, biking to a neighborhood festival, or at the park or pool across the street. On quiet family nights, we enjoy eating dinner on the front porch.

Our Extended Family

We enjoy snowy Christmases and beautiful summer vacations with Becca’s large family in the Midwest. They brave the Austin heat every year to see (spoil) their grandson. While visiting Pradip’s family on the East Coast, our son and his two cousins get together and the giggling never stops!

How We Met

We first met through friends at karaoke night, and hit it off immediately, singing an hour of bad 80’s ballads together. Then life happened and we lost touch. A year after we first met, we connected again over Chinese food at a group dinner, and started dating. We knew that this time was for keeps.

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