• Our Mission:

    Adoption Advocates’ mission is to serve the best interests of children, build families through adoption, treat all touched by adoption with honor and respect, and to serve as a resource to our communities.

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Why Adoption Advocates?

Our Birth and Evolution

AAI was founded by an adoptee and attorney (read Jane Hall’s story) and molded by experienced social workers. We are committed to respecting the rights and showing equal consideration to all members of the triad.  Our founder’s legal background influenced another basic value to provide only extremely safe legal adoption practices. In addition, some of the experiences of Jane Hall’s adoption led to making decisions about the child’s emotional needs.  She sought the most experienced adoption social workers in the field to craft the agency’s policies and mission. Over the years, AAI has incorporated feedback from our clients and have used it to update our practices. We acknowledge that adoption is a continuously evolving field and pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to those changes.

Our Promise to Respect

AAI and its staff are firmly committed to respecting all members of the triad.  We know that birth parents come to us with many fears and feeling alone. We gently guide them through the process with warmth and support ensuring that they have explored their options fully before initiating their adoption plan. We know that adoptive parents have often suffered tremendous losses with their infertility.  We educate and inform our adoptive parents as they take time to make their adoption decisions. Ultimately, Adoption Advocates places the child’s best interest first and are committed to our adoptees for a lifetime.

Our Education and Training

Director of Education, Janie Cravens, has worked in adoption since 1979.  She provides training to adoptive parents to prepare them for the ups and downs of the journey, how to manage their emotions, and what to expect in the future. Her workshops include understanding open adoption, lifebook training, talking with your child about adoption, talking with birth parents in open adoption, dealing with infertility grief, loss and separation for all members of the triad, and identity and cultural issues in adoption.

Our Open Adoption Practices

AAI is committed to open adoption in which the birth parents and adoptive parents having an authentic relationship — including meeting, sharing information, and maintaining contact after placement. AAI recognizes that all clients are different, therefore, there are varying degrees of openness depending on the clients’ needs and desires. We believe this benefits everyone involved, especially the adoptee.


AAI is truly a family business. Jane Hall founded the agency and affectionately refers to it as her “baby.” Watching the agency grow and take on a life of its own has been a great pleasure for her and now after 20 years, she has handed over the reins to her daughter, Rory. Rory Hall says, “Taking on this responsibility has been one of my proudest moments. I intend to honor my mother’s legacy by providing the best and most honorable services that an agency can offer.”

Meet the Team

Rory Hall
Rory HallExecutive Director
Rory Hall has worked in adoption since 1995. In addition to overseeing operations of the agency…read more.
Erin Smith
Erin SmithDirector of Adoption Services
Erin Smith works with birth parents throughout the adoption process…read more.
Laura Ratzel, LCSW
Laura Ratzel, LCSWAdoption Services Coordinator
Laura Ratzel works with adoptive families of all types in navigating their adoption journey.…read more.
Lindsey Hart
Lindsey HartFinancial Coordinator
Lindsey manages the accounting and financial functions. …read more.
Megan Fuller
Megan FullerDirector of Marketing & Outreach
As marketing director, Megan helps create visibility for Adoption Advocates. …read more.
Janie Cravens, LMSW-ACP
Janie Cravens, LMSW-ACPDirector of Training and Education
Janie Cravens has worked in the field of Child Welfare since 1979 …read more.
Jane Hall
Jane HallFounder
Jane Hall has a personal interest in adoption since she herself was adopted at an early age…read more.

Vision of Hope

Our Board of Directors established the Vision of Hope Fund to assist birth mothers in need. There are many requests for services and financial assistance we cannot meet under licensing standards.  These requests can be met through donations to the Vision of Hope Fund.

During the past years we have assisted birth mothers with the following: rent for a birth mother who lost her job, GED class expenses, college tuition and books, Christmas presents for birth mothers and their children, transportation costs to attend adoption finalization, and post-adoption counseling regardless of date of placement.

The Vision of Hope Fund allows us to make a difference in the life of a birth mother who not only needs our financial assistance but our emotional support.  Your support in helping us with the needs of our birth mothers is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Donate now to help support birth mothers in need.