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For Adoptees

Joining your family through adoption will always be part of defining who you are. Those who were placed through open adoption may already have an on-going relationship with their birth families. Others don’t know their birth families and may feel a need to find out where they came from, whether from curiosity or needed access to medical history.

Many adoptees find a common thread when connecting with other adopted people. We hope that the resources provided in this section will help you find the path that you seek.

Birth Parent Searches

As an adoption agency, we are often asked for adoptee resources or help in locating a biological parent, family member or child. Both birth parents looking for their biological children and adoptees searching for biological parents and family members face bureaucratic systems that take time and are often difficult to wade through.

Adoption Advocates supports you in your search. However, due to limited resources and staff, we cannot offer an adoption search program, except for whose adoption was arranged by our agency, which was founded in 1991.