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Adoption Advocates charges a comprehensive fee for placement of a child in your home.

Payment schedules & covered services are described as follows:

$5,000 DEPOSIT (credited toward total agency fee)
* Total of $5,000 due within ten days of receipt of letter of application acceptance.

* Balance due on the day of placement.


Services covered under the comprehensive fee:

  • Adoptive parent training

  • Assistance in preparing profile and introduction letter

  • Receipt and review of all required documents and home study

  • Phone and mail and fax charges

  • Expectant parent counseling

  • Expectant parent maternity expenses: rent, groceries, utilities, clothing, transportation

  • Medical expenses for both mother and baby up to $9,000

  • Termination of expectant parents’ rights: attorney’s fees and court costs

  • Staff travel: transportation, meals and hotel if required
  • Advertising throughout Texas of services for expectant parents

  • 24-hour a day intake and screening of expectant parents

  • Assessment and monitoring of expectant parent’s needs and concerns

  • Liaison with expectant parent’s doctor and hospital social worker and facilitation of the hospital experience

  • Facilitating relinquishment and placement, ICPC documents if appropriate
  • Foster care if necessary up to 10 days
  • Legal finalization of adoption

There is no financial liability for the services covered under the comprehensive fee, other than prepaid medical, if the expectant mother you are matched with chooses to parent.