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When people first begin to consider adoption, they usually have many questions. They worry that adoption is risky, that the birth mother might want her child back after the adoption, or that they might wait and wait and never get a baby.

While these myths about adoption are common, they don’t describe the amazing experience that most adoptive parents have with adoption.

Families that have worked with Adoption Advocates, Inc. (AAI) find that adoption is a miraculous gift that creates loving families. Since we opened our doors in 1991, we have placed more than 800 children with families through open adoption. We will be able to help you as well.

Adoption at AAI:

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Adoption Process

Our goal at AAI is to place with families within 18 months of Full Acceptance. The number of inquiries and subsequent applications we approve depends on the current activity and needs of the agency. Families who are very flexible with their adoption preferences are likely to move through the process more quickly than families with minimal flexibility.

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What are the qualifications for adoptive parents? 2018-02-15T09:55:20+00:00

Our adoption agency accept applicants between the ages of 25-48. If the applicants are heterosexual, there is a two-year minimum marriage requirement. Applicants must be emotionally and financially stable. We also encourage applicants to be flexible about such issues as ethnicity and health history, and to be comfortable with open adoption.

Applicants will be screened through an approval process that includes a background check, interview and home study.

AAI believes in building families of all types, regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. We work with same-sex couples and single parents in addition to married heterosexual couples.

Does Adoption Advocates accept same-sex couples? 2018-02-15T09:55:57+00:00

Yes, we do. Our adoption agency believes a loving home for a child is not defined by the ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation of the parents. We support the LGBT community in building families through adoption and are proud to have worked with many gay and lesbian couples.

How long is the wait? 2018-01-24T10:14:27+00:00

Adoption Advocates, Inc. (AAI) is committed to placing a child in your home within 18 months of full acceptance. To be fully accepted in our program, your inquiry, application, and home study must be fully approved. Although we cannot guarantee placement in about 18 months, we accept only the number of prospective adoptive parents with whom we can reasonably expect to place children within about an 18-month period. Your placement might happen much more quickly, or take a little longer. Every adoption plan happens differently, but remember that your child is out there!

Because the expectant parents generally choose the adoptive parents, you should be prepared to be picked at any time after you are approved by AAI. The more flexible you are about ethnicity and background considerations, the faster your placement will likely be.

What is the cost of adopting with Adoption Advocates? 2018-01-24T10:14:35+00:00

Adoption Advocates offers a comprehensive fee of $39,500 for the placement of a child in your home. Our comprehensive fee covers administrative costs, professional staff time, adoption educational programs for prospective adoptive parents and birth parents, preparation of interstate compact documents, and post adoption support services. Also covered is our extensive outreach program to educate expectant parents about their choices available in an adoption plan. Learn more about adoption fees.

What choices do I have about the child I adopt? 2018-01-24T10:14:52+00:00

Just as expectant parents don’t get to choose the sex of the baby, neither do adoptive parents. Generally, in an open adoption, the expectant parents select the adoptive parents before the child is born. We find that placements happen much more quickly when adoptive parents are willing to be flexible about issues like sex, ethnicity and background considerations. Although we specialize in infant adoptions, we have placed children up to six years old.

Before beginning the adoption process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is either of us prejudiced against (whatever child you are considering)?
  • Are our extended families prejudiced?
  • How would they accept a grandchild (niece, nephew, etc.) who is a minority?
  • Do we have friends, neighbors and other role models of the child’s ethnicity for the child to grow up knowing?
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Adoption is a journey and we are here to provide guidance and support through every stage. In addition to meeting with your Adoption Services Coordinator, these resources may provide additional useful information.


Have a question? Want more information or an inquiry packet? Give us a call or send us a message using the form below. We’ll do everything we can to help you out.

Expectant parent calls to (512) 477-1122 and (800) 966-HOPE will be answered, even when the office is closed.