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What is an open adoption? 2017-10-29T12:12:40+00:00

An open adoption means that you get to choose the adoptive parents, and you can maintain some degree of contact with them. In an open adoption, you will always be honored as the child’s birth parent, because that’s who you are. In almost all adoption plans, the adoptive parents provide pictures and letters and exchange phone calls with birth parents. Depending on the relationship that develops between you and your adoptive parents, sometimes there is visitation. The most important thing to remember is that an open adoption is what the participants jointly decide that it should be. Open adoption is an informal agreement based on trust and respect.

Will my medical costs be covered? 2018-01-24T10:15:00+00:00

AAI will first use available resources (i.e. personal insurance or Medicaid) to cover medical bills. Beyond that, medical costs not covered by available resources will be covered.

Can I still make an adoption plan if I’ve already given birth? 2017-12-07T10:53:47+00:00

Yes, you can move forward with an adoption plan. Although things will move faster, you will still have the same rights and ability to make choices that an expectant mother does. An agency caseworker will visit you at the hospital or, if you’ve been discharged, our office to answer your questions, help you complete paperwork, share waiting family profiles and discuss a post-placement plan. You will receive counseling and support after relinquishment as well, for as long as you choose.

What information, if any, is needed from the father? 2018-01-24T10:15:08+00:00

AAI requests background social and medical histories from birth fathers as well as birth mothers.

What qualifications must adoptive parents meet before they are accepted as clients at Adoption Advocates, Inc. (AAI)? 2018-01-24T10:15:16+00:00

Prospective parents should be between the ages of 25 and 48 and are:
• Financially sound
• Emotionally stable
• Ready to participate in an open adoption
• Completed background check and home study

What is the adoptive family allowed to know about me? 2018-01-24T10:15:25+00:00

The adoptive family will be given de-identified (no last names or addresses) information about your social and medical history, unless of course, you have a fully open adoption and then you may share any information that you choose.

When do I have to sign the adoption papers? 2018-01-24T10:15:33+00:00

No one can make you sign the adoption papers, however if you still feel that adoption is the best decision for your child, you may sign no sooner than 48 hours after birth per Texas law.

How soon after the baby is born can he/she be placed in his/her new home? 2018-01-24T10:15:40+00:00

If you have chosen an adoptive family prior to delivery, the baby can be placed in his/her new home immediately following your completion of the relinquishment document. You must wait at least 48 hours after delivery to sign the relinquishment document.

Does it cost to place a baby for adoption? 2017-11-21T10:33:20+00:00

No. Adoption Advocates offers all services, including counseling and legal services, for expectant parents free of cost.

May I have a picture of my baby? 2018-01-24T10:15:48+00:00

Yes, the number of pictures and how often you receive them is up to you. At the very least, you may have pictures taken at the hospital, pictures and a letter every month for the first six months, and a picture every Christmas until the child is six years old. Again, this is the least. If you want more, all you have to do is tell us.

Will I be able to find my child if I decided I wanted to search for him or her? 2018-01-24T10:15:56+00:00

AAI would try to contact the child (and adoptive parents if the child is under age 18) and obtain permission to put you in contact with the child.

Will the adoptive parents keep in touch? 2017-10-29T12:13:01+00:00

Parents who adopt from AAI are educated to respect the special bond between the child and the birth mother. By knowing you and receiving information from you, they can raise the child with the truth inherent in his or her beginnings. Although there is no legal guarantee that the adoptive parents will keep in touch, chances are that you will choose a family who you like and trust, and they will be committed to honoring their agreement with you.

What about the biological father? 2017-11-15T11:10:40+00:00

The biological father has some rights in relation to the child, and AAI is happy to provide him with free counseling or support to help him through this difficult time. If your relationship with him is not friendly, don’t worry. AAI can handle all communications with the biological father so you don’t have to.

What if no one wants my baby? 2017-12-07T11:17:11+00:00

There is a loving adoptive family for every child. There may be factors about your pregnancy that might make for a more difficult placement, but don’t worry. AAI has experience in dealing with all kinds of issues. There is a family for your baby.

Can I really do this? 2017-11-21T11:27:22+00:00

It might be hard to imagine that you could love your baby for nine months and then let him or her be raised by someone else. Many of our birth mothers chose adoption because they wanted to give their babies opportunities that they couldn’t provide themselves. If you decide that adoption is the best choice for your child, you will be able to do it. While there will be feelings of sadness and loss, there will also be feelings of joy, awe and pride in what you have done for your child.

Choosing adoption for your baby is not “giving up”. It is making a difficult and brave decision to do what you feel like is best for your child and your family. With open adoption, you will be in control of the process and be able to make decisions that will allow your child to have the future you want for him or her. It is not an easy choice but we will be with you every step of the way.

What if I’m not sure about adoption yet? 2017-12-15T10:48:09+00:00

Deciding how to move forward with your pregnancy is an important and permanent choice, so it’s OK not to be sure right away. At Adoption Advocates, our goal is to provide support and answers so that you can make an informed decision. When you contact our adoption agency, your counselor will discuss all of your options with you — without pressure or judgment.

After speaking to a counselor, you may decide that making an adoption plan with Adoption Advocates is not the right decision for you. That’s OK too. If you decide to parent, our counselors can direct you to the right resources to provide assistance during your pregnancy and your child’s early years.